2017 Show Class & Demonstration Schedule

 11:00 a.m.        Instructor: Randy Callison - Carving a Spiral or Icycle
 1:00 p.m.        Instructor:  David Thill - Creating a Feather
 2:30 p.m.        Instructor:  Ernie Tucker - Carving Human Eyes


                                                                                           Show & Sale Committee Chairs

                                     If you have any questions or concerns contact me at: 608-774-4873 or rosietom@centurytel.net

                                                                                               Advertising - Rosie Kautz & Robin Rios
                                                                                   Christmas Ornaments - Bob Crompton
                                                                                         Friendship Canes - Jim Trumpy & Randy Callison
                                                                                              Gift Bags - Randy Callison
                                                                                              Greeter's Table - 
                                                                                               Kitchen - Robin & Tom Rios and Jan Lesch
                                                                                               People's Choice -  Jim Trumpy
                                                                                               Raffle -  Mike Hughbanks

​​​​​    Also, just a friendly reminder to send in your registration forms for tables at our show on Sept. 10th.  

Sales of tables has been slow this year so far.  We want to be sure we have as many exhibitors as

possible to show the general public all the various types of carvings we do and put on a great show

again to keep them coming back!  If you have any questions about the show, please contact Rosie.                                                                             

                               Registered 2017 Exhibitors












For information about the 12th Annual Rock River Valley Carvers of Wisconsin Show & Sale please contact:

                                    Rosie Kautz at 608-868-4522 or ​email at: rosietom@centurytel.net

Hummel Carving                              Randy Callison

Country Line Products                     Gloria Woldanski

Timberjack Chainsaw Carvers         Bernie Fields

David Frigo                                       Warren Clauss

Peggy Nelson                                   Ted Lauf

Bob Swann

Ronald O'Kray

Tom Marty

Brad Crandall

David Thill

Mike Hughbanks

Tom & Rosie Kautz

Andy & Pat Anderson

Ernie Tucker​​

​​Show Raffle Donations

Rileys Bar - $10.00 Gift Certificate.

​Mac's Pizza Shack - 2 Buffet/Lunch plus Drink.

​Mac's Pizza Shack - 3 Buffet/Lunch plus Drink.

Pizza Hut "Janesville Only Rest." - 1 Large Pizza.

Pizza Hut "Janesville Only Rest." - 1 Large Pizza.

​Pizza Hut "Janesville Only Rest." - 1 Large Pizza.

My Apartment  Pub & Grill - $10.00 Gift Certificate.

Wooden Carving Arm - Donated by Mary Johnson.

​Wooden Ear Rings & Neckless made by Randy Callison.

Wood Comfort Bird carved by Ernie Tucker.

​Books of Carving Caricatures - Donated by Unknown.

1 Dozen Golf Balls - Randy Callison.

​Carving Vise - Donated by Tom & Rosie Kautz.

4 Carving Books - Donated by Tom & Rosie Kautz.

Makita 1/2" Hammer Driver Drill Kit w/Charger & Case/Bag.

Small bag of Wooden Carved Items -  By Jim Svoboda.

Fagan GM Dealership - Oil & Filter Change Certificates.

The following Books were Donated by Unknown Person.

2 Books on Carving Santa's by Ron Ransom & Tom Wolfe.

3 Carving Books, Realistic Birds, Folk Figures & Faces in


Book by Floyd Scholz on Birds of Prey.

3 Books on Carving Fish & Mammals.

2 Books on Whittling with Power Tools.

Book of Loons by Aubrey Lang & Wayne Lynch.

2 Books on Carving & Painting Decoys & Ducks.

​My Clips - 2 Free Haircuts - 1 Mens/1Womens.

2 Bottles of Booze - Bob Tyson.

55 Hand Sanitizer Bottles for Goody Bag -- SSM Health Care.

50 Helping hand for the hard to open jar lids -  Goodie Bags -   Donated by: Jan Lesch.

Table saw 200 plus Micro-jig - Vern Morris.

100 Bags of Peanuts - Kiwanis Donation - Goodie Bags.

​4 Sets of Study Casts - Donated by: Ruth McNally.